Anytime ready for use


That’s the latest invention our innovative development team created for you:

The new Portable Make-up-Station allows a professional working set up, wherever you are.
The extensive mirror is available one-sided or double-sided, its stable stands are extendable.
The mirror can be equipped with lightweight, handy and easy to install LED lights on three sides of the mirror surface to guarantee enough light to work at any time of the day. Use the dimmer for individual light intensity.

The installation is easy: In no time you can create a comfortable and generous work space. Please check our free manual “How to install the Portable Make-up Station”.

Please refer to:
- Portable Make-up Station / Single Mirror (TM-15-10)
- Portable Make-up Station / Double Mirror (TM-15-11)
- Make-up Station Lighting Kits / Cool White or Neutral White (TM-15-30-50CW, TM-15-30-50NW)
- Lighting Kit Extension / Cool White or Neutral White (TM-15-30-50ECW, TM-15-30-50ENW)
- Make-up Station Stand Alone Kit (TM-15-20)