Make-up Station Lighting Kit (Neutral White 50cm)

    Basic lighting kit 50cm for our Portable Make-up Station Single Mirror
    (TM-15-10) and Double Mirror (TM-15-11). Its LED lights are designed to distribute light evenly by using a special light diffuser.

    Includes 3 pcs of LED lights in neutral white (3800K-4200K, 24V/5W), connecting cables, power supply (100~240V), dimmer, battery operation pack and a carrying bag.

    54cm x 8cm x 18cm
    21.2” x 3.1” x 7”

    Spare items:
    - Neutral White 50cm LED Light (TM-15-50.NW)
    - Adaptor / Power Supply (TM-15-31)
    - Battery Operations Pack (TM-15-33)
    - Dimmer (TM-15-32)