How to install the Portable Make-up Station


01) The Portable Make-up Station comes in three easy to carry bags.
02) Start the installation with the Make-up Station Stand Alone Kit. (TM-15-20)
03) Unpack all the items as Mirror Stands, Mirror Hanger as well as Table Supports and install the Mirror Stands first.
04) Open the stands and set them in position at standard height (as marked on the stands). Make sure the stand’s feet are placed on flat, solid ground.
05) Place the two stands in the correct width and put on the Mirror Hanger. Make sure the two ends of the hanger are fully locked with the stands.

06) Continue the installation with the Portable Make-up Station Single Mirror. (TM-15-10)
07) Unpack the mirror first.
08) Open it carefully.
09) Gently hang the mirror on the hanger. (You might ask somebody to help you if the mirror is too heavy for you.)
10) Pull the two side straps tightly around the stands.

11) Stick the strap’s Velcro ends to the back of the mirror to make the mirror stable.
12) Attach the Table Supports to the stands.
13) Stick the supports’ Velcro ends to the lower side of the working tray.
14) The table supports are extendable. Adjust them accordingly until the working tray is in its correct position.
15) To stabilize the working tray, tighten side straps around the stands and stick the Velcro ends of straps onto the backside of the mirror.

16) Continue with the installation of the Make-up Station Lighting Kit
(TM-15-30-50CW / TM-15-30-50NW).
17) Unpack all the items as LED lights, Power Supply, Connecting Cables and Dimmer.
18) Place the magnetic LED light on the top of the mirror. Make sure the magnets of the light are fully connected with the marked spots on the mirror edging.
19) Continue with a light on the left side and as well on the right side of the mirror.
20) Interconnect the two lights on the sides with the one on the top of the mirror by using the short Connecting Cables. Install the cables carefully so the lights don’t fall or break.

21) Connect the Power Supply with the long Connecting Cable or use the battery operation equipped with 16 +AA batteries.
22) Then connect the thinner cable of the Power Supply or the Battery Operation with the Dimmer.
23) Finally connect the dimmer cable to one of the LED lights on the sides of the mirror.
24) If not using the Battery Operation, connect the power cord to the power socket.
25) Switch on the light and adjust the brightness of the light by using the dimmer.

26) Now the Portable Make-up Station is ready to use.
27) To use the double mirror, attach the spare working tray to the Velcro strap underneath the back mirror and secure it by installing the two spare table supports.
28) To stabilize both working trays now, tighten the side straps of front working tray around the stands and then stick the Velcro ends of straps on to the back working tray.
29) Finally interconnect one LED light on each side of the station with a connecting cable.
30) The Double Make-up Station is now ready to use.