Make-up Soft Case Medium (Polyester, with trolley)

Same as our professional Make-up Soft Case Medium (TM-1-2) but with integrated trolley.

Outside: 3 pockets with zipper, 1 facial tissue holder and 4 pencil pockets.
Inside top compartment: 5 side pockets in mesh-net, 1 removable brush-roll with 11 brush/tool compartments.
Inside bottom compartment: 2 removable plastic drawer sets (3 drawers each), 1 mesh-net pocket.

44cm x 34cm x 26cm
17.3” x 13.3” x 10”

Additional items for individual configuration:
– Zipper Bag Small (TM-5-1)
– Drawer Set with 3 Stacks (TM-20-3)