Portable Make-up Station (Double Mirror)

Collapsible, stable and lightweight double-sided make-up mirror, bordered by sturdy and easy to clean Polyester fabrics. Allows to install two make-up stations on limited space. Comes in a compact carry bag.

Can be supplemented with LED light: Lighting Kit 50cm Cool White
(TM-15-30-50CW) or Lighting Kit 50cm Neutral White (TM-15-30-50NW) as well as Extension Lighting Kit Cool White (TM-15-30-50ECW) or Extension Lighting Kit Neutral White (TM-15-30-50ENW).

Use the Stand Alone Kit (TM-15-20) to set up a double-sided 165cm high stand-alone make-up station including convenient working spaces (please refer to our installation guidelines).

78cm x 54cm x 38cm
30.70” x 21.25” x 15”
78cm x 54cm x 7cm
30.7” x 21.25” x 2.75”
Mirror Surface:
60cm x 40cm
23.62” x 15.74”